Filter system


Our globally patented filter system offers an attractive spectrum of 24 shades. In addition, up to 250 colors are optionally available.

Our filters are color-fast and are made of shatterproof macrolon. They are available in all sizes and freely interchangeable. The size of the filter depends on the output of the light bulb.





Standard filter series (Gradation: light, medium, dark)

yellow light

red light

blue light

green light

yellow medium

red medium

blue medium

green medium

yellow dark

red dark

blue dark

green dark



Emotion filter series

orange light

orange dark

rose light

rose dark

pink light

pink dark

turquoise light

turquoise dark

violet light

violet dark

smoky topaz light

smoky topaz dark



Note: The tints cannot be rendered in true colors!



The adapter ring is screwed onto the socket.

The light bulb can now be screwed in.

Finally, the filter is placed on the adapter ring and turned clockwise until it is firmly in place.